Commercial mediation | Workplace mediation

Commercial mediation

Commercial mediation is a collaborative process, where a neutral professional (the Mediator) facilitates the resolution of disputes in relation to commercial transactions, contracts, real or personal property, estate matters or between persons in a partnership or other business relationship. The Mediator will, through joint sessions and, if necessary, individual caucusing, help the parties to identify issues, establish points of agreement and disagreement, articulate interests and needs and create options for settlement.

A Mediator can help the parties to identify their worst and best alternatives to a negotiated settlement, and to become joint problem solvers in coming up with workable solutions to the conflict.

Mediation is private and confidential and can be more expeditious and cost effective than going to court.

Workplace mediation

Workplace conflict may occur between two or more co-workers or may arise out of differences between an employee and his or her supervisor or manager. Having an external mediator can be a cost effective and confidential way to resolve workplace conflict before it escalates or leads to more serious concerns. In a Workplace Mediation, the mediator facilitates communication between the parties and helps them to identify options for resolving the conflict.

Dealing expediently with workplace conflict can reduce the time spent by management on negative and unproductive employee differences. In addition, it can enhance staff health and wellness, help a business to retain valuable employees, reduce litigation costs, and make the workplace a more harmonious environment for everyone.

Commercial mediation | Workplace mediation