Elder Mediation is a cooperative process in which a professionally trained elder mediator helps facilitate discussions that assist people in addressing the myriad of changes and stresses that often occur throughout the family life cycle.

Trained in this specialized form of mediation, Elder Mediators apply their highly developed interpersonal skills to the intricate life issues facing older people. They do this with sensitivity, acute listening skills and inclusive language ensuring the mediation flows respectfully.

Elder Mediation typically involves a large number of participants including older adults, family members, friends, caregivers, physicians and other professionals.
Elder Mediation creates a better way to provide for cooperative conversations and creative strategies relating to issues of aging. The level and intensity of family support is a very important factor in the older adult’s adjustment to changes in their lives. Family members who may have been uninvolved for years are invited to become involved. Many family members and close friends answer the request to re-engage with their families.


Benefits of Elder Mediation

Over the past 20 years, Elder Mediators have assisted seniors and their supporters who face age-related issues. Elder Mediation in now being recognized internationally as a process which does the following :

  • Promotes wellness by developing prevention strategies and enhancing quality of life for families.
  • Promotes an important step in the continuum of care of the older person.
  • Focuses on respecting concerns and issues of the adult person.
  • Maintains and strengthens relationships critical to the wellbeing of the adult person.
  • Strengthens family and community relationships.
  • Acknowledges the voice of the older person in the plan of care through its process.
  • Offers confidential conflict resolution through its process.